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Family Owned Since 1969


Family Owned Since 1969

We're a family owned and managed sod business since 1969. We have become well known throughout Texas as an excellent sod supplier to do business with over the years, always serving customers with quality sod from our grass farms.

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Family Owned Since 1969

We have a great variety of sod that fits virtually every scenario. From cold tolerant grass to drought, pest, disease and shade tolerant sod, we have you covered at our grass farm. We have been a choice sod supplier for decades

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We are always glad to serve you directly at our grass farms with however much sod you need. We also deliver to the entire State of Texas 7 Days a Week and offer sod installation for those who'd like it done for them.


About Us

Well Established Sod Supplier


B&S Grass Farms was established in 1969 with a vision to  grow into a very productive sod supplier company that would meet and exceed customer satisfaction. The grass company is family owned and managed and has a track record of doing honest and excellent business.

Over the years our grass business expanded and we acquired five additional sod farms to grow and harvest our quality grass from, in the Bay City, Tx area, located in Southeast Texas. When it comes to sod quality and information about how people like and need it, we have decades of experience, expertise and knowledge to offer.

B&S was mainly a wholesale sod company for many years, offering grass delivery service to the entire State of Texas with multiple freight trucks, all carrying high-end forklifts to unload our various types of sod directly to homes, businesses and organizations, 7 days a week! These varieties of sod are all found on the sod page of this website.

Yet over the last several years we have transitioned into offering local pickup service at our fields as well, with well trained workers ready to load your vehicles, trucks or trailers with pallets of grass, or even pieces of sod grass. Whether you're looking for just a pallet of grass, several pallets of sod or even less than a pallet, we are happy to accommodate you. We always have fresh cut grass, which is of the best possible quality, ready for you. 


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